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Takoradi Gas Limited is a leading industrial gas manufacturing company located in Takoradi, a key oil producing city in Ghana. Since the founding of Takoradi Gas1992, the team has dedicated all their time and effort to producing the best quality products for the variety of industries they serve; providing significant support for Ghana's industrial base and development.

Located in the Effia industrial area within Takoradi, the company continuously strives to bring their products closer to their clients, aiming to provide customer service that is unmatched in their industry, making them a major player in the Ghanaian industrial sector.

The objective of the company since 2008 is to become a one-stop-shop for our customers. In order to achieve this, the Takoradi team has expanded their business operations to include the exclusive distributorships to import Hilco welding consumables from Holland, Cigweld & Victor welding accessories from Australia & US and Weld-Ro welding Accessories from Malaysia.


  • Industrial Gases (Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Argon, Mix gases, Co2, Helium, LPG etc)

  • Quality imported Refrigerant Gases (Freon) European brands/ TGL brand

  • Welding Consumables (all types of Electrodes) from HILCO, Holland (Authorized distributor in Ghana)

  • Welding & Cutting Accessories from Cigweld Australia, Victor Technologies, US.
    TGL is the Authorized Distributor for Cigweld (Australia) and Victor Technologies (US) for all welding & cutting accessories.

Takoradi Gas Ltd is the authorized distributor for following product in Ghana and we only deal with genuine products.

  • Cigweld /Victor/Tweco products from Cigweld, Australia

  • Hilco brand welding consumables( electrodes/cutting & grinding discs) from Holland (EU)

  • Weldro brand welding & cutting products from Malaysia

  • Refrigerant Gases from GAZECHIM France and TGL own brand

In order to differentiate ourselves from similar players in the mining and industrial industries, Takoradi Gas Ltd tries to provide the best possible products and services to their customers. One of the most important steps that the company took was to move their operations closer to mining locations in order to provide constant support and service to the customer. Other important factors contributing to the success of Takoradi Gas is the consistency of the company's delivery schedules and our unrivalled customer service.


Whether it's to provide 24 hour service to our customer 7 days a week, or consistent support, the customers understand that the company is far ahead in terms of service and care for their clients.
The management team keeps close contact with their clients, responding to concerns and requests immediately, ensuring that all parties are satisfied with the development of their project. If a client isn't satisfied, the team will work with them until the issues are resolved. This is the key to long-standing relationships.
The team at Takoradi is trained to be consistent and in tune with their clients, meeting their needs in terms of service, delivery and reliability. This has kept the company growing both internally and externally, leaving them with both happy customers and employees.

The staff of Takoradi Gas are protected by their employers who provide them with all the benefits dutiful employees are expected to receive. This includes, medical, holiday and safety benefits which are updated every two years as per the labour laws of Ghana.
Training is also an integral part of the company's values; Takoradi provides constant on-going training, both in house and outside. The managing team believes that acquiring new knowledge, training methods and exposure is an important development tool for their workers. This allows the team to bring new ideas to the company, helping improve the operations on frequent basis.

Having the most current tools is important to the Takoradi, who invest heavily not only in their employees, but in their machinery. Currently, the company is building a new Oxygen plant and CO2 refilling plant, which will be state-of-the-art, more energy efficient and have a higher capacity as compared to their older facilities. This sophisticated plant is being built to meet the growing need for more Oxygen as well as C02 related projects within Ghana, and Takoradi Gas hopes that this facility will show their clients their commitment to adapting and meeting the needs of the market.
In terms of environmentally friendly technology, there is a growing awareness in the industry and in the country of Ghana. Takoradi Gas works with the EPA every three years to ensure that all their facilities are up to the standards of the organization. After a tour of the company's facilities the EPA gives recommendations to further their environmentally friendly behaviour. Currently, the new facilities being built are all energy efficient, and the aim is to continue researching in order to find more ways to be green.


With new facilities in the process of being built, Takoradi Gas is working to continue expanding, growing and evolving. The company's goals of becoming the preferred choice for their customers are ambitious, but with the addition of more value-added products, a hunger to keep growing, and constant dedication to both our customers and employees, they are very attainable in the near future.

TGL does distribution through its regional depots in order to make the products available to customers within shortest time. Our Head office receives most of the orders and monitor all these orders until they are fully delivered to customers. Also, TGL has a very reliable vehicle fleet specially designed for Gas deliveries. We operate separate vehicle for Welding Accessories & Consumables on a schedule basis. We do emergency deliveries 24/7.

We also arrange;

  • Cylinder Racks/ Quads on Rent with or without gases (Offshore DNV certified racks)

  • Cylinder refurbishment/ re-certifying

  • All Welding Accessories, Welding Machines (Cigweld/ Victor)

  • Delivery Services

TGL gases are produced to its highest international quality standards. It is the main task of our Quality control department to ensure all the gases produced at TGL, par with international standards. We also have obtained certification from the Ghana Standards Board.


Our prime responsibility is the “SAFETY” and to create a safer working environments for all our customers and neighbors. Every cylinder filled at TGL is subject to a safety and quality test before it leaves for customers. We do periodic cylinder pressure tests and maintenance work to ensure defect free products to its customers. Also, our safety team conducts free safety audits and safety training to its customers on a regular basis. We will arrange our Safety officer to train all your welders, gas users and other interested parties on safe handling of gases. You need to arrange a place and inform us the date & time. This service is absolutely FREE!!



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  • Kinross Gold (Chirano Gold)

  • Gold Fields Ghana

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  • Anglo Gold Ashanti

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